Pohjolan Pirtti – family estate in Kuusamo

he Pohjola estate dates back to 1686, when the family’s ancestors first arrived in the small village of Vuotunki, in Kuusamo. Today, the estate is operated by the family’s 11th and 12th generations, who proudly cherish their traditions and family history.

Pohjolan Pirtti operates a range of services for visitors, including an atmospheric private restaurant, a number of different sauna experiences, winter activities and Santa visits, as well as hosting private celebrations such as weddings and parties.

Pohjola Restaurant

The private restaurant is located in the 100 year old main building, which once served as a guesthouse in the past. Pohjola serves delicious home cooked meals in a dining room that seats up to 50. Our traditional dishes combine local delicacies with wild foods foraged from Finnish forests and fields. Pohola also organises Christmas dinners with Santa Claus!

Pohjola Saunas

According to the family legend, the first building their ancestor Olli Pohjalainen built on the site was a smoke sauna, and today, over 300 years later, the old traditions of sauna continue in Pohjolan Pirtti, where there are three saunas, and a modern hot tub. There are two sauna packages available: The Countryside Sauna Tour Evening invites guests to enjoy the traditional saunas and wood-heated outdoor hot tub, followed by a traditional wild food dinner in the old farmhouse. There is also the Pohjola Sauna Tour, a guided experience with an introduction to Finnish sauna culture and its importance in Finnish lifestyles. It combines all three of the saunas and the outdoor hot tub.

Activity Programs

Pohjolan Pirtti, and the surrounding region, offer many activities for visitors. From outdoor adventures in the fresh air, to cosy fireside storytelling that takes you back in time to learn about the rich history of the estate and nearby Vuotunki village. Visitors can spend a fun day at Santa’s Cottage, enjoy an Arctic Beach Party, spend a day as a Finn, and enjoy an Arctic Garden Party. Most of the outdoor activities can be booked for the night, which gives the chance of enjoying the excursions under the northern lights.