Pilke Science Centre

Are you attracted to northern forests? If so, your place is Pilke in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland near the Arctic Circle. The science centre’s exhibitions will allow you to explore current forest issues, while the Pilke Shop offers forest products that appeal to all of the senses.

The Pilke Science Centre is a memorable and interactive place to visit for people of all ages whether the reason for your visit is work, study or vacation. The exhibition at the Science Centre teaches visitors about sustainable use of the northern forests and about the diverse range of products and commodities connected to the forests. Pilke’s life is rooted in the present moment and in the bright future of finding many uses for the forests.

The exhibition of the Pilke Science Centre transfers knowledge through investigation and active participation. The exhibition is like a happy pile of chopped firewood (pilke in Finnish) and includes the following themes: Forest from Trees tells about the ecology and biology of forests; A Tree Is Falling focuses on forestry and the forest economy, on a tree’s journey, which starts in the forest and ending at various downstream processing sites; All from Wood illustrates the various forms of wood that can be used for familiar building purposes, medicines and perhaps even foods beneficial to our health; Men and Women of the Forests opens a cultural viewpoint to the uses of forests and their significance; Welcome to Sahanperä reminds the visitor about the area’s local past – ‘in times past on this ground there was Sahanperä, a notorious place where those entering outnumbered those who returned…’


Ounasjoentie 6
Rovaniemi 96200 Lapland FI
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