Nåtö Nature Reserve

Situated on an island some 6km south of Mariehamn, the Nåtö nature reserve is a large wooded meadow. This type of wild meadow was common in Åland until late in the 19th century, however today, there are only a few of these remaining – most of which are preserved as nature reserves.

The Nåtö Nature Reserve represents by far the most diverse and interesting habitats in the Åland islands, and can be explored along a well marked Nature Trail which educates visitors on the numerous plant species growing in and around the woods and throughout the meadows. Visitors also learn about the ongoing conservation efforts and how the habitat is being maintained. This includes the annual harvesting in July of the meadow grasses, which is done in the traditional manner, and the hay then dried and stored as a winter feed for the regions cattle. The best starting point for exploring the nature reserve is Nåtö biological station.


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