Porvoon Paahtimo Bar & Cafe

There is, in the old historic part of Porvoo, a red brick storehouse, built in 1902 by Oskar Simolin as a warehouse for his department store. Through the decades different items has been stored in the building, so even coffee. Could this be one of the reasons that Bar&Café Porvoon Paahtimo now is located here?


The building is located on the riverbank so you can even reach it with boat during the summer. Our terrace is floating over the water. The terrace is open all over the year. In the summer there is also a barge moored beside the terrace. There is a fantastic view from the deck over the beautiful riverside.

Inside the storehouse there is a peaceful atmosphere with the old beams in the ceiling and the thick red brick walls. You can smell the scent of freshly roasted coffee and the cheerful hum of conversation, welcome to Porvoon Paahtimo.

In the bar you have the opportunity to choose from a vast selection of beverages. Different types of coffee we have of course because we are in a coffee roastery, the most popular coffee drink here is Irish Coffee, in addition to this we have beer both finish and international brands, brandy, whisky and different brands of wine. I almost forgot, we also have different blends of tea and even hot chocolate is available. We always try to fulfil the desire of our customer, a happy customer is a good advertisement. I have to mention that you also have the possibility to have the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee locally roasted and brewed, that should make the coffee enthusiast smile. We also have small titbits to go with your drink.