Lönnström Homestead Museum

Completed in 1942, the house was designed by the architect Jermo Laosmaa. The gallery is used to exhibit the Lönnström Foundation art collection’s latest acquisitions.

Over the years, Teresia and Rafael Lönnström accumulated a large collection of Finnish design objects in their home, as well as decorative and art objects, glass, porcelain and silver acquired on their many trips abroad. The furniture in the house includes a number of beautiful pieces in revival styles.

The art collection found on the walls throughout the house grew as the couple bought works they liked. Teresia began collecting art in earnest in the 1970s, and the works she bought were primarily by Finnish women and artists from the Sakatunta province. Since the 1990s, the collection has been augmented with Finnish contemporary art.


Syväraumankatu 41
Rauma 26100 FI
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