Tampere Tourist Office

Welcome to Finns’ favorite city!
Uncomplicated and relaxed Tampere and its regions inspire its guests with experiences. Experience the enchanting combination of urban landscape and lake nature, enriched with versatile cultural life, sauna experiences and high-quality restaurant offerings. Come as you are and make yourself at home.
Visit Tampere is a tourism expert in the Tampere urban area. We offer travel advice by phone, e-mail, website chat and social media all year round. We serve you on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
You can find maps and other useful brochures in Kauppahalli near Pullapuoti Wilenius and at the Frenckell service point. If you need larger quantities (more than 20 pcs), please contact the tourist office at visittampere@visittampere.fi
Read more: www.visittampere.fi

Tampere 33100 Pirkanmaa FI
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