Linnansaari National Park

Situated between Savonlinna and Varkaus, Linnansaari National Park is in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, and an ideal place to spot rare Saimaa Ringed Seals and majestic ospreys. The magnificent landscape alternates between a labyrinth of sheltered islands and broader open waters. The park includes more than 130 islands and hundreds of smaller islets and protruding rocks. The landscape in the national park ranges from deciduous forests to sun-soaked rocks and meadows. Vegetation on the islands is characterised by sharp contrasts: behind rugged lichen-covered rocks lining the shores you will find lush herb-rich forests.

Canoeing is a brilliant way to explore the fragile ecosystem of Linnansaari Island. The great expanses of open water on Lake Haukivesi and the straits between its islands can also be navigated by beginners. Linnansaari National Park is also great for longer canoeing excursions if you bring your own tent. The park is approximately 40 kilometres from end to end, so it is best to reserve between five and seven days for the excursion. If you want an even longer trip, you can continue to Lake Joutenvesi and nearby Kolovesi National Park.

Linnansaari Croft on the main island of the National Park (Linnansaari Island) has been restored for visitors to enter into the traditional self-sufficient way of life of the inhabitants in the old times. The buildings, slash-and-burn fields and small meadows are maintained to resemble the landscape in the 1930s.