Lentiira Holiday Village

In Lentiira Holiday Village there are 9 cottages that can accommodate 2-8 persons.

Tavi, Telkkä and Sorsa: Cottages for 2-4 persons: sleeping niche, balcony, 15,5 m² + 7,5 m².

Tiira: A cottage for 2-4 persons: two bedrooms, fireplace, warm terrace, 52 m².

Joutsen, Hanhi, Kuovi and Haapana: Cottages for 2-6 persons: bedroom, fireplace, sleeping balcony, 34 m² + 17 m².

Lokki: A cottage for 2-8 persons: two bedrooms, sleeping balcony, 62 m² + 22 m².

All holiday cottages are available during winter. Holiday cottages have small kitchen, bathroom, shower and some have a fireplace. The equipment includes kitchen with its dishes, a microwave oven, a fridge with freezer, a table television.