Comfortable accommodation amidst the beautiful landscapes of Kainuu.

Pykälä presents an idyllic timber milieu in the middle of the wilderness, yet only 18 km distant from the centre of Kuhmo. You can take your pick of affordable accommodation from three properties.

The idyllic Wanha Pirtti, atmospheric Keloaitta and gorgeous Honkapirtti are available, individually or all together, for your needs.

There are two saunas at the resort; an outdoor sauna on the shore of Lähdelampi Pond and an indoor sauna in the Honkapirtti. Pets are allowed, there is even an outdoor kennel for your dog!

The wild and free waters and nature of Kuhmo provide a splendid backdrop for all kinds of wilderness activities, as well as a tranquil place to simply calm down and enjoy the silence for a spell.


Kekkostie 1381
88900 FI
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