Floating Sauna of Lappeenranta

Welcome to enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna with a little twist. Our floating sauna offers you a great experience at Lake Saimaa. The Floating Sauna cruise will depart from Lappeenranta Harbour and cruise Lake Saimaa while you can enjoy smooth and relaxing traditional Finnish wood burning Sauna. Floating sauna can be rented with a driver for your group. Floating sauna does not have scheduled departures.

Amenities at Floating sauna

Floating Sauna has two flush toilets, spacious living room with large windows from which you can enjoy the view of Lake Saimaa. The living room is heated during the early spring and late autumn. The floating sauna also has unisex dressing room with hot shower and spacious sauna. You can leave your own shampoo home, we offer the best biodegradable shampoo and soap. Our sauna is heated with a locally made Misa stove.

Eating at floating sauna and activities

We can arrange snacks, or a delicious dinner according to your request. Our catering partner is Kattava catering. Kattava catering can deliver exceptionally delicious and tasty menus. If you want the best experience, you should consider the grill menu. In this option professional cook will prepare your dinner on the floating sauna’s upper sundeck, where you can enjoy the meal and the view of Lake Saimaa.