Lappeenranta Church

Lappeenranta Church was designed by the architect Georg Kosekoff for use by the Russian garrison. Work began on the building in 1913, and the church was inaugurated in 1924 – work having been suspended by the outbreak of World War I. After Finland gained its independence, Lappeenranta Church became the property of the country. The altarpiece is a painting by Ilmari Launis entitled “The Christ on the Cross”. The Church was renovated in 1965. The mechanical pipe organ, in the church, is from 1967.

The red-brick church is located in a beautifully scenic spot, amidst what are known as Nicholas’s Embankments. The church is an example of typical neo-Byzantine architecture. Services and concerts are held at the church. The church is open to the public in the summer and at other times, on request.