Lapland Safaris – Levi

Lapland Safaris is the oldest and largest activity and safari company in Scandinavia. Lapland Safaris has offices in the main destinations in Finnish Lapland, such as Rovaniemi, Saariselkä, Luosto, Levi and Ylläs. There they offer weekly programs for travelers with guaranteed departures for a minimum of 2 persons in winter, and in summer time they also offer different activities specially from their office in Rovaniemi.

Among activities that you will be able to do with Lapland Safaris in winter, you could enjoy: snowmobiling, husky and reindeer sled rides, snowshoeing or skiing, northern lights hunting and many other activities. During the summer months, you could experience the midnight sun during their excursions. Both, in summer and winter, if you visit Rovaniemi, you will be able to join one of their tours to visit Santa Claus.

Specially for the summer months, Lapland Safaris offer also programs without the guide for those travelers who like to experience the world on their own. For them Lapland Safaris has created a new line of products called Luondu, where their guest travel and enjoy the activities around Lapland own their own, with the help of GPS and security devices.

Lapland Safaris has also different venues for groups in Lapland: restaurants, saunas and cabins in the best locations, some of them on the shore of legendary Finnish rivers, such as Ounasjoki river, or lakes. Others hidden in the forest. But all of them with their own personality and atmosphere.

For Lapland Safaris the Mother Nature is their main partner, and they are always working towards the environment: for instance, Lapland Safaris is the only activity company involve in the e-sled project, where they are working in order to develop the first electrical snowmobile ever.

The company employs 50 people around the year, and in the pick of the season that figure grows until 450.