Lapland Hotels Kilpis

Lapland Hotel Kilpis is a base for adventurers, winter and summer fishers and hikers. It’s surrounded by the highest peaks in our country and close to the amazing “alp scenery”. Our hotel is located in a magnificent landscape, right next to the Kilpisjärvi-lake, near Saana. Our skiing season lasts until midsummer and a helicopter will take the bravest to conquer the mountains if needed! We recommend adding a visit to Norway to your Kilpisjärvi holiday.

People come to Kilpis either charmed by the scenery, or crazy about a hobby. The fells call long distance skiers and off slope skiers in the winter. At the end of the day, a sauna and an ice swim are so refreshing. In the summer, Lapland Hotel Kilpis serves not only hikers and fishers, but also those on road-trips by car or motorbike

Käsivarrentie 14206
99490 FI
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