Krapi`s Escape Room

“There is an art gallery in the Krapi Barn, which is maintained by the mysterious art supporter. You and your friends have 60 minutes to find out the best kept secret of Lake Tuusula area.”

The game is suitable for anyone who wants to play and solve puzzles together.

2-6 people can play at the same time.
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes, includes 15 min start & 1 hours play time.
Questions and reservations: / p. 09-2748 4290

ATTENTTION! When sales- service is closed the game can be booked by tell. +358  50-5932036 /


What happened to Santa?

“Santa Claus is gone! Someone has made a mess in Santa Claus’ cottage! You and your group have an hour to save Christmas and find out what happened to Santa Claus. The game is perfect for the whole family! Warmly recommended by the elves.

The game can be played from 2 to 6 people at a time.”