Koli National Park

Koli is the National Park of forested hills. Koli, with its art inspiring lookout points, white quartzite cliffs, wilderness-like Lake Pielinen, slash-and-burn woodlands and traditional landscapes, as well as, its excellent hiking trails, skiing trails and versatile services, is a wonderful destination be it for a day trip or a wilderness trek.

Koli is one of Finland’s best known national landscapes. Though the area is small it is a treasure chest when it comes to natural features: rare geological features, a versatile array of animal species and an abundance of plant species. Koli also has a lot to offer cultural heritage-wise. It has once been a sacrificial site and after that was used for slash-and-burn agriculture and as a place of pilgrimage for Finnish artists in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It was also the centre of heritage and culture for the area around it.

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(Source: www.outdoors.fi)