Joensuu Art Museum ONNI

Joensuu Art Museum is situated right in the town centre near the market square. The neo-Renaissance building, a former grammar school, was built in 1894. Joensuu Art Museum was founded in 1962 as a result of significant donations to the town.

Collection of Finnish 19th century painting is very elegant in tone. Represented in this lyrical collection are for example Werner Holmberg, Magnus von Wright, Albert Edelfelt. But also younger finnish art can be found in our collections, especially art of nineteen fifties.

Collection of Antiguity contains Greek and Etruscan specimens, as well as Roman items from Hellenistic period. Central and Southern European pictorial and sculptural art from 14th century onwards forms a whole of its own. Icon collection was opened in 2004.

Chinese collection is a rarity in Finland, a versatile presentation of Chinese art. Most of this collection is from Tang period (AD 618-907). Persian bowls and Oriental carpets can also be seen in our museum.

Kirkkokatu 23
Joensuu 80100 FI
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