Holiday Club Katinkulta – Spa Hotel and Holiday Homes

Holiday Club Katinkulta – Spa Hotel and Holiday Home Resort

At Holiday Club Katinkulta, you can choose your accommodation between the spa hotel and high-quality holiday homes. The most versatile holiday resort in the Nordic Countries, Holiday Club Katinkulta provides you with the opportunities to enjoy practically any kind of recreation, from golf to fitness training and even bowling. The resort offers a wealth of activities throughout the year. The summer is golfing season, and the three Katinkulta courses are sure to please players of all skill levels. Meanwhile, the diverse selection of other services ensures that those not as interested in the sport never have a dull moment.

Should poor weather threaten to ruin your fun, have no fear as the spa hotel is brimming with all manner of indoor activities: bowling, tennis, badminton, squash, gym training, aerobics, karaoke, recreation for kids, weekly programmed activities and of course the dazzling entertainment events held at Katinkulta Arena featuring everything from raucous rock to pleasant pop. Holiday Club Katinkulta is also a first-rate conference centre: the excellent meeting facilities, auditorium and restaurant services are only the beginning of your unforgettable conference trip. It is for you to decide whether you want to accommodate your group in the comfortable hotel rooms or take the slightly more spacious and relaxed option with the holiday homes located near the conference centre.

In the winter, visitors to Holiday Club Katinkulta are treated to the breathtaking ski trails and slopes of the Vuokatti ski resort. In fact, enjoyment on skis is available in other seasons, too, as the famous Vuokatti ski tunnel is open year round. Among the most popular winter activities is taking cross-country skiing trips on the ice of Lake Nuasjärvi. In addition, an endless variety of activities from snowshoe treks to husky rides are at the fingertips of holiday and conference guests at Holiday Club Katinkulta.