Harakka Nature Centre

The Harakka Nature Centre offers visitors encounters with nature, activities, and information on the Baltic Sea, maritime nature and sustainable living. The Nature Centre operates in historical surroundings on the magnificent Harakka (“magpie”) Island featuring extraordinarily rich flora and bird species. Only a short distance from the Kaivopuisto Park, Harakka takes visitors to delicate archipelago nature that overlooks open sea.

The island is served by a boat at about 30 minute intervals. The boat departs from the Ullanlinna pier at Kaivopuisto. The return fare is EUR 5 (EUR 2 for children).

Source: www.hel.fi

Photo: © City of Helsinki / Niko Soveri

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The Harakka Nature Centre is open from 2.5. to 30.9. Sunday- Friday between 10:00- 17:00. Closed on Saturday. Closed at Ascension Day 5.5. and Midsummer 24. - 26.6.