Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

Located in the Tourist Centre Karhuntassu in the town of Kuusamo, the Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre is a new, international culture and tourist attraction.

The Nature Photography Centre serves people of all ages who are interested in nature in Kuusamo, nature photography and research.

The unique, 150 square meter exhibition hall is a result of extensive cooperation. The project was launched by the Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Institute. It pays tribute to the lifework of Hannu Hautala, the most famous nature photographer in Finland. The exhibition includes a selection of Hannu Hautala’s classic photographs and displays the most significant pieces of his career.

Other nature photographers are also given the chance to put their work on display in the nature photography centre. The Hall of the Siberian Jay is reserved for changing exhibitions of mainly Finnish and international photographers who are able to present their work in a digital form in addition to the traditional form.


Torangintaival 2
Kuusamo 93600 FI
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