Flowpark Lappeenranta


Flow Park is an ecologically sustainable adventure amusement park where you can push yourself to your limit. Adventures courses have been built on living trees without damaging them. By completing a number of challenges you can find yourself tens of metres above the ground. The challenges involve different types of elevated rope paths, e.g. dangling paths, liana vines, wire slides and swings. Flow Park is for all ages, from an adventurous 7 and up, and for all abilities from the average Joe to Tarzan; challenges can be found for everyone.

Flow Park doesn’t require previous experience or knowledge, as our skilled supervisors give instructions before your adventure begins. Each client is asked to perform a test run, and upon successful completion they move on to the main tracks. Throughout the adventure clients are continuously connected to the safety cable.

The park is located in Myllysaari recreation area on the shore of lake Saimaa. You can come to the park from the Lappeenranta town centre by following Ainonkatu street by 1 km to the East from the Town bay shore of lake Saimaa. You can park your car on the streetside or on other marked parking places.