Cultural Centre Valve

Cultural Centre Valve is located next to City Hall in the city centre of Oulu in Finland. Theatre performances, concerts, dance performances, exhibitions and film performances as well as workshops and courses related to art education take place at the cultural centre. Cultural Centre Valve is also the scene for many events and festivals in Oulu.

For event and function organisers

Cultural Centre Valve offers versatile services for event and function organisers and works closely with different kinds of culture and art organisations.

The Northern Photographic Centre arranges interesting modern photograph exhibitions in the two galleries of the centre and the Oulu Film Centre presents art house films almost daily in the film theatre of the centre.

Others who arrange regular shows at the centre are for example the JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre (a regional dance centre in northern Finland), the Puppet Theatre Akseli Klonk and the Oulu Theatre of University Students.