Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing

Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing narrates facts in a fascinating manner, opens a door to historical dwellings, introduces visitors to human fates and portrays living through nine decades. The museum has five residential houses and four outbuildings in their original locations. The old world opens in front of the visitors’ eyes with different homes and life stories.

The museum covers an entire block, as the original buildings did. The museum has five one-storey, timber-built residential buildings and four outbuildings. Four of the outbuildings now portray mainly workers’ homes. The homes date from 1882 to 1973. The museum also has an early 20th century cobbler’s shop, a bakery from the 1930s as well as a cooperative shop and a haberdashery. The fifth building houses the café Amurin Helmi, The Pearl of Amuri, which showcases changing exhibitions. All residential buildings are authentic and in their original locations.