Åland Maritime Museum

The Åland Maritime Museum has an impressive collection of ship’s models, mostly sailing ships. Some were made on board ship by sailors in their spare time; others were made by professional model makers. Common to all of them is that they are very high standard and show evidence of skill, knowledge and patience.

At the Åland Maritime Museum there are a lot of things for families to discover and do. Go aloft, stow cargo and take command of your own ship. Finding the ship’s rat Ruby’s own mini exhibitions, cleverly hidden in cute little ratholes in the museum, is a task that everybody can get involved in. And don’t miss our imaginative children’s room Ruby and the Sea. Here you can dive into the sea and discover wrecks, secret mermaid grottos and exciting sea creatures.

Moored about 500 metres north of the Åland Maritime Museum is the Pommern, the only four-masted merchant sailing ship in the world still in its original state. She is a typical cargo carrier, built 1903 in Scotland and bought by the Åland shipowner Gustaf Erikson in 1923. Pommern has carried timber from Scandinavia, saltpetre from Chile and grain from Australia. Her last commercial voyage was done in 1939 and since 1952 Pommern has been a museum ship. Today the ship is owned by the Town of Mariehamn, but is managed by the Åland Maritime Museum Trust.