Globe Hope Fashion

Globe Hope is an innovative Finnish company that designs and manufactures ecological products from recycled and discarded materials. Through re-designing and re-sewing, left over and old materials are turned into new and unique clothes, bags and accessories.

Here at Globe Hope we live by our three key values: aesthetics, ecology and ethics. We are committed both in our design and production to the principles of sustainable development and want to offer consumers an ecological alternative and to encourage people to think about their environment. Our clothes, bags and accessories save and reuse the limited resources on earth and their production is ethical. While we’re not ready to compromise our ecological values, creating interesting, beautiful and practical products is the most fundamental driver for our design team.

We have two seasonal collection in addition to our classics collection, which includes our all-time favourites and best seller products. The seasonal collections, autumn/winter, and spring/summer, consist of clothes, bags and accessories for both men and women. When designing, we always have an important theme driving the design, such as freedom or happiness.

Our collections can be characterized as classical yet including many interesting and surprising details related to the history of the materials. The design process is very material-driven and the tight design team aims to use as many details of the original materials as possible to tell the story and give the products personality. We often also combine different kinds of materials, such as take pockets from old coats and attach them to a bag made from another material. Stamps, signs of previous use and other small details are very characteristic to our products, and two products are almost never alike.