Tackla Center

Product development

Tackla brand is introducing a new generation product line starting from advanced 3D Breeze / iBP professional hockey pants Breezers. Intelligent Body Protection (iBP) products are lightweight, extremely breathable, yet highly protective against impact. iBP technology improves game on many levels: speed, maneuvers, energy and endurance, dryness and protection.

Tackla Brand

Tackla is a Finnish sports brand best known for hockey uniforms and equipment. Tackla has been an established hockey brand for over 50 years. Tackla is significant clothing supplier and partner for the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), several national leagues, teams and players. Tackla is one of the oldest ice hockey brands in Europe and the only well-established European hockey brand in the Northern American, Russian and Chinese markets.

Tackla Pro Ltd. hosts tackla.com international internet site and store serving Finnish and international consumers, teams and exporters alike. We also provide digital services such as customer categories with product listing for your customized items and custom prices for your logged in members. In addition to Tackla, we represent other top brands such as Joma, True, Craft, Iron Gym.

Tackla Center stores:

Tackla Center Lappeenranta, Hyrymäenkatu 3, 53550 Lappeenranta
Tackla Center Helsinki, Liikuntamylly Jauhokuja 3, 00920 Helsinki

Contact: https://www.tackla.com/contacts