Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art

The Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art was opened to the public in February 2007. The new museum is situated in a former customs warehouse in the Inner Harbour of Vaasa. Thanks to the new museum, both national and international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art are now a permanent feature of Vaasa´s artistic life.
The base collection in the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art is the Kuntsi Foundation´s art collection – one of the most important classic collections of contemporary art in Finland covering pop art, kinetic art as well as committed art, informalism, surrealism, new expressionism, postmodernism. The more than 900 works forming the collection are a cross section of modern art history, from international modernists to the Finnish artists of today. But most of all, it is the classic collection of Finnish contemporary art created in the 1950s and onward.