Kemijärvi Local History Museum

The local history museum close to the centre of Kemijärvi illustrates local villagers’ life in the early 20th century. The main building is from the 19th century and stands in its original location. The house is called Sepäntalo, the Smith’s House, because the profession was handed down from father to son for seven generations by the Särkelä family that owned the place. In addition to the main building, the museum grounds feature a cowshed, stable, sheds, smoke-sauna, and a smithy.

Exhibitions illustrate the trades practised in the village a hundred years ago: cattle farming, forestry, fishing, hunting, and reindeer farming. The main building has been furnished in the early 20th century style and other buildings also have artefacts on display. The exhibition on the upper storey of the main building includes examples of the selection of a local fashion shop and old children’s toys.

The museum is maintained by the local heritage association Kemijärven Kotikiekerö ry. The association bought the museum grounds in 1972, receiving the house and cowshed on the location as a donation. The collection of artefacts started in the 1960s. They were put on display in the premises and the museum opened to the public in 1974.