Tyyki – Finnish Handicrafts

Tyyki is located in a centuries old neighbourhood of Lappeenranta, the Fortress.

The Fortress provides a unique setting to both summery expeditions and wintery walks in a snowy atmosphere. When walking up the cobbled street from Pusupuisto to Viipurinportti, a view opens up to a small main road lined with lindens. By this road, Kristiinankatu, there are historical buildings and museums offering their visitors culture, deriving from the encounter of the past and the present.

Tyyki is located in a yellow wooden building built in 1850, Majurskan talo, right next to Viipurinportti. The use of the building has varied in different historical periods: it has served as a base to the military officers, as a hospital for epidemic diseases, and as an umbrella factory. Nowadays it attracts visitors with the aroma of coffee and pastries, proudly presenting Finnish handicraft, wishing its visitors to enjoy.

Tyyki has been offering its customers quality Finnish handicraft for over twenty years, serving in a former stove room. Its selection includes unique, handmade textiles, jewellery, pottery, and many kinds of objects for interior decoration.

Kristiinankatu 1
Lappeenranta 53900 FI
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