The House of Mr Clutterbuck

The House of Mr Clutterbuck is based on the beloved books by Mauri Kunnas. Mr Clutterbuck’s house is located in Vammala, which is the town center of Sastamala, from where Mauri Kunnas is also from. The stories in Kunnas’ books bring to life a diverse world, and the House of Mr Clutterbuck brings those stories even more to life. So alive, in fact, that you can take part in them yourself! Mr Clutterbuck’s house has five different areas, where you can experience the world of Mauri Kunnas’ stories. During the summer season from May until the end of October Mr. Clutterbuck’s Fun on Wheels Yard is also open.

The Home of Mr Clutterbuck invites you to play in Mr Clutterbuck’s kitchen, to get to know the ghosts of the haunted clock in the attic, and to try out how it feels to descend from the lighthouse down the fireman’s pole.

Visitors to the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are greeted by a growling dragon. There’s no need for concern, however, as this is a very nice creature that lives in the tree crown, and follows what’s going on in the hall. In the Knights’ Hall you for example can ride slides and play at sword fighting.

In The Out-of-This-World Space Experience you can explore the surface of the planet with twinkling stars over your head and take a ride to Milky Way on a red school bus. The room has all the necessary equipment, such as space suits, oxygen backpacks and space helmets.

The room based on the famous book, The Doghill Kids Go to Town allows visitors to immerse themselves in the old traditions. Around the Market Place children can check out a general store, a shoemaker’s workshop and a clock maker. In this place potatoes, carrots, herring, pliers, nails, broken watches and other accessories are just waiting for visitors to try them out and experience the old town atmosphere.

In the drawing room children can relax, draw or see drawings made by Mauri Kunnas. In the corner of the room, there is sitting a giant called Antero Vipunen, into whose mouth kids can climb and listen how his stomach growls. 
 The lovely shop for wonderful things offers a wide range of fun toys and gifts, for you and your friends. Many items are about the adventures of Mr Clutterbuck, or some of Mauri Kunnas’ other familiar characters.

Mr Clutterbuck’s Fun on Wheels Yard is a traffic yard, in which young and older racing fans can drive around. Inspired by the Fun on Wheels and Pawchester Tales books, the Fun on Wheels Yard is a place a bit like Pawchester where you can whizz around in pedal cars, fill up at the fuel station or maybe take your vehicle to the car wash. The Fun on Wheels Yard is open from May to the end of October.