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Husky and reindeer safaris – snowmoblie safaris – cruises on Sampo icebreaker – Snow Castle – visits to Trolls and Snow queen visits – fishing trips – rafting –rally

Taxari Travel Agency is a full-service travel agency. Whether you’re planning a holiday for just one person, a family or a larger group, all you have to do is to choose a service from our extensive range or suggest your own idea – anything is possible. We can organize everything you need for your vacation. Taxari provides a large choice of services: transportation, accommodation, dining, activities and guided programs according to your demand. In addition to Finnish Lapland and Finland as a whole, our operations cover Swedish Lapland and Northern Russia. We produce unforgettable holiday experiences and quality service you can trust.
Service languages: Finnish, English and Russian

Taxari  aims to develop and expand our operations, and produce fresh ideas for holiday experiences for tourist visiting Finland. Our objective is to produce unforgettable holiday experiences for our customers.


Experience unforgettable holiday experiences!

From mid December to end of April we arrage husky and reindeer safaris, cruises on Sampo Icebreaker and various types of snowmobile safaris.

Our excursions to the Arctic Circle include a visit to Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. Groups with children with recommend an excursion to Kallivouri Trolls Village. Snow Castle in Kemi is open every year from January to April.

We arrange tours to the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village, Ranua Zoo and Kemi Gemstone Gallery year round.

During the summer we organize canoe trips in Sea Lapland, white water rafting and fishing trips.

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