TAHTO Sports Museum – Center for Finnish Sports Culture

Experience the stories and joy of sports at TAHTO in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. The museum’s interactive exhibitions offer enjoyable activities for the whole family, and visitors can break a sweat if they wish. TAHTO is open every day. TAHTO is not just an engaging destination for sports enthusiasts; it’s also a fantastic choice for the whole family, catering to both adults and children alike.

The main exhibition, “The Story of TAHTO” engages all senses, much like sports. Visitors can immerse themselves in excitement, joy, or even disappointment. The exhibition is divided into themes such as the locker room, the Helsinki Olympics of 1952, heroes of Finnish success sports, and winter sports. The main exhibition also features the silver torch from the Helsinki Olympics. The torches designed by Aukusti Tuhka for the 1952 Olympics are among the rarest Olympic torches in the world, as only 22 were made.

TAHTO  also hosts changing exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, and various events. Captivating and topical themes rotate in the exhibition hall on the second floor. TAHTO maintains a national collection of Finnish sports, which includes nearly 36,000 objects and 500,000 photographs. In addition to exhibitions, the cultural centre houses a sports library and the archives of Finnish sports. The diverse exhibitions attract hundreds of school groups annually, and TAHTO is an important learning environment for children and young people.