Restaurant Sushirullen

SUSHI AS FAST FOOD, Simple, cheaper and convenient

Welcome to Sushirullen – a new concept in fast food based on Japanese sushi, Sushirollen is a great alternative to the usual fast foods – healthy, convenient, and inexpensive! Specialising in sushi rolls, Sushirollen expands the flavours beyond those of the traditional fish sushi, with chicken and meat combinations also available to choose from. Options include Teriyaki Chicken; Salmon in wasabi, mayonaisse, and ginger; Yakiniku Beef; Chili-mayonaisse Tuna; as well as several vegetarian and vegan alternative.

Sushirollen’s range of fresh ingredients is comprehensive, so you’re certain to be find the roll that is perfect for you! Each sushi roll equals five or six sushi servings, and are perfect for eating straight from the hand, and at just €6 for two rolls this healthy snack is cheap too.

There are two locations where you’ll find Sushirollen in Helsinki, in the Citycenter Asematunneli (the underground area linking the Metro to the Central Railway Station), and at Runeberginkatu 6 at the top of Kamppi.

Kaivokatu 8
Helsinki 00101 FI
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