Soltuna Restaurang & Café

Soltuna’s tradition has always been to offer generous portions good food at good prices. Here you can enjoy your meal with one of the most beautiful views that the Aland islands can offer! This tradition we carry on and hope that this is the impression you carry with you when you visited us, on top of Getabergen!


Nearby the restaurant a 5 km long trail starts that takes you down to the caves in Geta. If the legs are to tired, or you don´t have enough time, you can instead choose the other more kid-friendly troll path.


Ice has pulled off a chunk of rocks that is perfect for the branch of climbing that is experiencing rapid growth worldwide and is called “bouldering” (from the word “boulder” of rocks). So after a short hike from Soltuna down to the caves in Geta, chances are that you come across groups of individuals who hangs upside down from the rocks just by the power of their fingers!

Observation Tower

Nearby Soltuna is an observation tower that allows your eyes to look out over the beautiful horizon of Geta.

22340 Ålands landsbygd AX
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