Ski Resort Laajis

There are 12 marked slopes in Laajis, which offers a broad range of slopes from the easiest slopes for kids to challenging mogul slope. There’s something for everyone. In the winter Laajis offers excellent surroundings for skiing, snowboarding, crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing.

Snowpark Laajavuori is a combination of 4 different snowparks around the Laajis ski resort. The “original” Snowpark is situated at the Eturi front slope is the place for biggest jumps and longest rails. The Wild West Laajis with its wooden obstacles is found at the backslopes and the easy, jib-friendly Junnuparkki (Youth park) can be ridden at the Auris slope. There’s also some obstacles at LaajisForKids area making up the Kinos Miniparkki for smaller and bigger family members to try out park skiing and snowboarding and getting the hang of basics.

Laajavuori is in fact a combination of 3 different types of parks. Newest is Wild West Laajis, which is a snowpark with wooden features, on the back slopes.