Santa Claus Reindeer – reindeer sleigh ride

Come and experience a real reindeer sleigh ride in wintery nature – right in the backyard of Santa’s house at the Arctic Circle.

With our guidance, you can rein the reindeer by yourself or just sit comfortably under warm blankets and enjoy the snowy views.

You can choose to have a ride with just one reindeer or several reindeers in a line.

After the ride you can an by the open fire where we serve hot juice, and experience the magic of the firelight and a real Lappish atmosphere.

Our program:

-400m tour
-1km tour
-3km safari (booked in advance, includes. Warm mulled wine and sausage)
-Northern Lights Safari (booked in advance: included is warm mulled wine / coffee and sausage)

Explore the snowy forests with your friends on a reideer sleigh ride and discover the northern lights. The path leads over frozen marshes and spruce woodlands to a winter hut, where we wait for the Northern Lights. While waiting, savour grilled sausages, drink campfire coffee and mulled wine, and enjoy the tranquility of the wilderness. At the end of the safari we are feeding a reindeer herd of up to one hundred in their paddock, where you can capture the moment on camera and feed the reindeer.

Duration: about 3 hours Includes transport from Rovaniemi (Event is 20 km from the city center, not in Santa Claus Village), as well as warm clothing.

Janne Körkkö (FIN, ENG), tel. +358405223997


Ari Körkkö (FIN), tel. +358400290587