Salla SnowLounge & Arctic Igloo Aurora Huts

At the SnowLounge location in Salla- Finish Lapland you can find different igloos as: IceBar, IceRestaurant, IceHotel, IceChapel, and IceGallery. SnowLounge is built with almost 1 million kilos snow and almost 100.000 kg crystal clear ice from a lake close by. Everything is built only from snow and ice! To offer you not only a tasty and interesting, but also an esthetic experience, we would like to invite you into our IceGallery. Here you can find special ice and snow sculptures, hand-made by artists. For the ice and snow sculptures, the artists have contributed to the theme of regionality and especially Lapland.

Arctic Igloo Aurora from Aurora Hut: Our new glass igloos are actually boats! You can stay around the year in our Arctic Igloo Aurora Huts. Its perfect to enjoy the pure and clean nature from Salla, and of course to spot the Northern Lights!