Restaurant Nili

Nili is a Lappish restaurant filled with warm atmosphere in the heart of Rovaniemi, near the hotels and the main service providers who arrange wilderness safaris.

The restaurant is non smoking and consist of two rooms: the main dining room which seats 65 persons and a smaller “Reindeer room” for 20 persons. The furnishings are genuine Lappish handicraft and materials such as Lappish wood, reindeer horns and reindeer leather feature strongly in the design.

The Nili cornerstones are pure Lappish and Finnish ingredients and the food is prepared with heart and soul from start to finish in their kitchen. The tasty portions will not leave you hungry. Their menu always features fish caught in the pure Lappish lakes, as well as local game, and berries and mushrooms that grow wild in the surrounding forests.


Valtakatu 20
Rovaniemi 96200 FI
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