Restaurant Hella & Huone

Hella & Huone is a fine dining restaurant situated near Tampere Hall, close to the heart of Tampere. Our small and charming little restaurant has achieved considerable standing among Tampere restaurants, and is often recognised nationally and internationally. Our award winning Chef Arto Rastas continuously creates and develops new dishes, using local produce and partly his own grown ingredients in innovative and unexpected ways.

Our menu is based on Nordic cuisine combined with locally produced ingredients. Our aim is to surprise, and to deliver unforgettable taste experiences. Excellent flavour starts with high quality ingredients. The taste of food is our priority and that is the starting point for all of the professionals in our kitchen. Our restaurant’s Nordic cuisine is complemented with an extensive selection of wine and beers, which includes some excellent mature wines. If you wish to indulge yourself and your guests with outstanding Scandinavian cuisine, then award winning chef-owned Restaurant Hella is the right place to be.

We recommend complementary wines that harmonise with our dishes. Our wine menu offered has well thought selection of alluring wines, which go together perfectly with the dishes we serve. The wines served are fascinating and different from the usual, without forgetting the taste combination of food and wine.

We want our food to be enchanting. It may surprise, delight or even startle. It should provoke discussion and evoke feelings. Nevertheless, it is essential that our customer has an enjoyable experience, and is left with the strong desire to return.

Salhojankatu 48
Tampere 33500 FI
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