Redrib Speed Boat Archipelago Experience II

Price: 190€/person


Enjoy a unique experience at sea with REDRIB, the RIB that can take private or corporate groups places you would only dream of. No matter what the weather, the on board passenger facilites enables protection from the harshest conditions a marine environment could throw at you.

REDRIB can offer either a high speed offshore ride for 2-6 persons with maximum protection and safety available, or a sunny relaxed inshore cruise for up to 12 persons. Either way, you can come as you are. Directly from the pier into a great adventure.

REDRIB is also a top class photo boat. The driver is a professional photographer and videographer specialised in maritime themes and news on water with years of experience. We can also take your film crew out on the right spot upon request.

Leaving from the Market Square or your maritime hotel location, we head deeper into the archipelago for the whole day. Experience the daily life in the summer cottages, see the variety of nature on rocky islands shaped by the ice age. We stop on a traditional fishermen´s island in the outskirts of the archipelago where we enjoy a real archipelago dinner.

An archipelago legend surrounded by rumours, The Napoleon´s Rock, is on our way back to the city.

Routes are weather dependent.

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