Polar Life Haus

Modern log homes directly from Finland

Polar Life Haus – a unique log house directly from Finland

Do you dream of living in Finland? Do you feel this is a dream impossible to implement? What if you could have a piece Finland for yourself – A custom-built log house model made according to your wishes and best suited to your family’s lifestyle?

Polar Life Haus is a Finnish manufacture of custom, tailored and unique log houses, and a family-owned company now in the fourth generation. Each house is made in our factory in Töysä, with the very latest modern production technology. The wood is carefully selected, sourced from the world’s best coniferous forests of Central Finland. Only the highest quality graded trees are accepted.

Half of all the log houses we manufacture are exported. The main export destinations are in Central Europe and Russia. Our long experience in export has given us excellent insight into the industry and honed our skills so we can successfully attain the most challenging targets.

Log house does good for people and the environment

Log houses are made from genuinely natural materials. It is by far the most ecological method of building a home: compared to other methods of construction, a log house consumes the least amount of energy, has a long life and life cycle, and also acts as a reservoir for carbon dioxide. Forests are a renewable resource.

Wood surfaces are also good for people: they are warm to the touch and according to some studies, they alleviate the symptoms of stress. In the middle of a busy daily life, a log home is a place where the mind can rest. Single material wall structures also affects indoor air positively: it regulates the air temperature and balances moisture levels. A log house is pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter, and the air humidity is maintained at an optimal level throughout the year. Log walls also help clean and filter the air. A log house is a safe method of building.

Scandinavian design from the floor to the ceiling

Polar Life Haus could be an ultra-modern city home or a classic log home – it can be just the way you want. It combines the design of your dreams, Finnish know-how, pure natural materials and health promoting qualities of wood construction. It is the “Finest from Finland”.

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