Pikseli Virtual Park FLAMINGO

Unique experiences in virtual reality!

Pikseli is the first virtual reality amusement park in the Nordic countries. Virtual reality is an easy way for all to experience amazing things that are not possible in real life. Admire the savannas or tropical beaches of Africa, fight orcs with a bow gun, or walk on the roof of a skyscraper and leap into a wondrous flight from there!

Fun things to do together with the whole family for all ages!

In Pikseli Virtual Park, you can also have an adventure with family or friends. From the wide selection of games and experiences, there are several multiplayer games that are fun to experience with a friend. In multiplayer games, you hear and see each other within the game – Pikseli experiences are often best experienced together! The game selection can be viewed in advance on Pikseli’s website.

Virtual escape games

The latest dimension of escape games, a virtual escape room game, is also available in Pikseli. Virtual reality allows players to be led on incredible adventures – solving puzzles with the goal of finding your way out of a lost pyramid or mythical dungeon in ancient Greece! You have 60 minutes to escape – Will you get out or get stuck in the vortex of virtual reality?

Book an appointment in advance

You can book your playing time in advance via the Pikseli website. In 30 or 60 minutes, you can experience different games and experiences at your own pace. There are a total of 14 game rooms, in each of which you can experience all the virtual game realities. If you come with family or friends, you should reserve a separate play area for everyone!

Experience what you’ve always dreamed of – experiences and adventures wait you in virtual reality!