Pekkatori Square

Pekkatori square is the most important entity included in the town plan drawn by Gustaf Odenwall in 1811 after the fire of Raahe. It was to become an administrative and trading centre. Plots around the square were given to the most notable burghers of the town, i.e. the aldermen, merchants and shipowners. A new town hall was to be built on the plot of the southwest corner of the square.

The Lang, Fontell, Montin, Frieman and Hedmansson houses were completed during the years 1811-1815 and thus represent the wealthy town construction of the beginning of the 19th century. The influence of the neo-classicism can be seen in the dimensions of the houses.

What is interesting is that neither the house Kivi-Sovio, completed 35 years later, nor the Rein house, built on the plot of the town hall more than half a century later, in 1870, differ in any way from the plain general impression of the other buildings around the square.