Parpalandia – Paradise for lovers of the outdoors

A paradise for lovers of the outdoors and wilderness, Parpalandia is located approximately 50 kilometres from the Rovaniemi town centre in the heart of Lappish nature. (39 km from Rovaniemi in the direction of Kemi, take the Pisa turning on the right, drive for 10 km and turn right onto the Rajalantie Road and continue for a further 2 km).

The estate has been used as our family’s hunting grounds for decades. It has been the departure and meeting point for a number of husky teams. Within its walls are unbelievable stories from over the years, some exaggerated, some less exaggerated colourful experiences of the forest and time after a fulfilling day. Throughout its history, Parpalandia has seen enthusiastic hunters and outdoors lovers from home and abroad, men and women, and people from completely different backgrounds.

The Parpalandia environment has expansive hunting grounds for hunting elk, small mammals and birds. The terrain is the best possible terrain for using hunting dogs. At Parpalandia you can practice rally driving, take a snowmobile safari and savour natural produce by berry and mushroom picking.

There is a wide variety of different activities available at Parpalandia. How about hunting for elk on a guided excursion? Or fishing for trout on the nearby lake?

In the wintertime, our rally car’s engine is ready to be spun around the nearby snowy rally track. Why not try rally driving just for the thrill of it, or perhaps participate in a fun competition among your friends, and naturally the winner always gets a prize. We also arrange guided snowmobile safaris safely through our Lappish landscapes. Best of all, you may just choose to relax by the fire in the heart of nature and admire the clean and magnificent Lappish countryside.

Husky sled adventures and reindeer sleigh rides are also available. The animals are very friendly towards visitors, so the trips are also suitable for the smaller members of the family. If you want to have a fun experience at paintball, we’ll arrange it for whatever season you choose. What a great way of relieving the stress of everyday life with exciting activities together!


A hunting lodge with electricity and floor space of approximately 150 square metres. Indoor toilet, shower, kitchen, wood-fired sauna, flat-screen TV, clothes dryer, washing machine, crockery and furniture. Accommodation for up to 20 persons and we have 5 separate bedrooms. But groups of 8-14 persons enjoy themselves most at Parpalandia.