Oulanka Visitor Centre

Oulanka Visitor Centre provides information on Oulanka’s unique river landscape and the region’s rich variety of species, as well as information on the hiking opportunities in the Oulanka and Riisitunturi National Parks, and in the other national parks and nature reserves in the nearby region.

The Oulanka Visitor Centre‘s “A River Flows By exhibition, and the accompanying “Land of Seasons” nature presentation invite visitors to experience the babble of streams, the roar of rapids, the thunder of waterfalls. The sound of flowing water is the heartbeat of Oulanka National Park, where all kinds of wanderers travel through the seasons. The roar of rapids and the wild wanderers of Oulanka are now captured by the Oulanka Visitor Centre’s new sound reproduction and film equipment.

Liikasenvaarantie 132
Kuusamo 93999 FI
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