Martinselkonen Wilds Centre

Located near the Eastern Border in Suomussalmi, Martinselkonen Wilds Centre offers room and cottage accommodation all year round. The eastern border hiking trail runs through the yard, where you can go hiking, fat-biking, and skiing. The snowmobile trail also runs through the yard.

The Martinselkonen Wilds Centre is an ideal base for trekkers, for bear watchers and photographers, snowmobile riders and other nature explorers. The Martinselkonen area is nestled in the Kainuu wilderness at the eastern border of Finland and provides not only a wondrous diversity of nature but also genuine peace and quiet.

The Martinselkonen Wilds Centre in Finland has organized bear watching safaris since 1995. The bear watching hides are large, comfortable huts with seats and viewing openings for every visitor as well as bunk beds and a composting toilet. The bear photography hides are smaller and more suitable for taking beautiful pictures of the bears. These bear hides are located in a variety of different terrains: forest, swamp and lakeside.