Lumi Accessories

Handbags & Accessories

Lumi Accessories was founded in New York City in 2000. The designer duo Sanna Kantola and Bruno Beaugrand were celebrating the Millennium in Europe when they found an old felt factory in Finland that could manufacture felt products in snow-white felt. Sanna and Bruno started designing simple white felt hats and bags with added leather handles and details. The designers decided to call the products LUMI, the Finnish word for snow.

LUMI products were bought by New York downtown boutiques and by the Japanese distributor HP France who brought the brand to Japan in 2001. In 2003, Lumi Accessories opened a Branch in Paris and started doing business in Europe as well. LUMI soon started designing leather products and the timeless LUMI core product and best-seller, the Supermarket Bag, was born. The Supermarket Bag line expanded to multiple collections made from leather and seasonal fabrics.

Today LUMI is sold all over the world in over 25 countries in department stores, specialty stores and boutiques. Lumi Accessories operates in Helsinki and has two own retail stores in the city center.