Holiday Hossa (Loma Hossa)

In Loma-Hossa you are accommodated either in round lodge cottages or holiday houses. Loma-Hossa’s cottages and Rajakartano are located on their separate parcels/ plots. You can spend your holiday in your own peace near Hossa’s other services. The cottages and Rajakartano’s conditions/ space are well equipped/ furnished, i.a. with an own beach, a boat and a right to fish on the lakes of the fishing area. In addition, Rajakartano has it’s own free wifi connection. The smoke sauna and bath tub are available for customer’s use by separate reservation.

Loma Hossa has five cottages located either by a lake or river, for 2 to 6 people sharing. With an extensive hiking area, canoe routes, forests full of wild berries, superb fishing and game hunting it offers an array of outdoor activities. Light summer nights or snowy forests and blazing camp fires await you!