Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge

Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge ‒ a living museum

The Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge is located in Kotka, beside the beautiful and effervescent Langinkoski rapids, on the estuary of the River Kymijoki. Alexander III, the Emperor-to-be of Russia, became infatuated with the place more than 100 years ago, and later he spent summer days there with his family.

The Imperial Fishing Lodge is now a living museum. The unique white water landscape and the beautiful natural environment in the surroundings of the lodge continue to appeal to visitors, as they once attracted the Russian Emperor.

Get to know the history of the lodge, imperial summer living, and the interesting buildings and attractions in the area. Also visit the nature reserve surrounding the lodge, take a break in the café pavilion, and get to know events related to the lodge.

You can explore the museum on your own or for example under the guidance of a role guide, which is sure to be an experience.

Welcome to experience imperial, relaxed summer holiday-making!


Kotka 48230 FI
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