Lahti Historical Museum

Lahti Historical Museum acts as the Päijät Häme Provincial Museum, and Lahti Art Museum is the regional art museum in the Päijät-Häme district.

The Päijät-Häme Provincial Museum’s area of operation includes thirteen municipalities; all municipalities in the Päijät-Häme region
(Artjärvi, Asikkala, Hartola, Heinola, Hollola, Hämeenkoski, Kärkölä, Lahti, Nastola, Orimattila, Padasjoki and Sysmä)
and in addition Mäntsälä in Uusimaa region.

Provincial matters are the responsibility of a provincial museum researcher, who coordinates museum activities in the area and provides advice for museums that are not professionally run. Provincial museum researcher also advises private people and organisations on how to look after their own collections. The two building researchers of the unit of cultural environment and an archeologist provide expert services for the protection of cultural environment and archeological heritage in the provincial museum’s area.


Kartanonkatu 1
Lahti 15110 FI
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