Kilpisjärvi Hiking Centre

Kilpisjärvi holiday village and campig is a traditional accommodation and restaurant services provider. It is located by the lake Kilpisjärvi under the shadows of the Saana fell.

This traditional accommodation in Kilpisjärvi is only six kilometers from the Norwegian border.

The accommodation is offered in the guesthouse rooms or in the cabins by the lake Kilpisjärvi. The rooms accommodate 2-4 people and cabins have beds for 4 people. We also have a caravan and camping site.

The reception is located in the main building, where you can also find the restaurant, souvenir shop and a minimarket. The restaurant is well known for its good food.

Both hiking and skiing tracks are easily reached from the hotel. Malla boat to visit the Three Nations Border point also departs from our shores; easy access to all activities is guaranteed here at “Retku”.


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